PNG – Flarestack Exercise

Client Request – Piedmont Natural Gas: Federal guidelines mandate that as part of a regular maintenance schedule, gas pipeline infrastructure must be routinely inspected for structural integrity. During this procedure, a ~10ft. long flexible machine called a “P.I.G.” (Pipeline Inspection Gauge) is pushed though the pipeline via pressurized natural gas. As it moves along the pipeline for miles at a time, the head of the device which contains an MRI scanner and a powerful GPS tracker stores data on the internal structural integrity of the pipeline for later retrieval by a technician. When the P.I.G is retrieved from permanent access junctions located along the pipeline above ground, large volumes of pressurized natural gas must be vented safely by burning it off through a “Flare Stack” at the retrieval site. Visually document this process for use in future flyering material to be delivered to nearby homes whenever these exercises take place in order to better inform residents about the nature of the large flame and loud noises produced during the burn-off procedure.

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